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Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Starting Any Weight Loss Program

weight loss questions to ask your doctorWhen you begin any weight loss program it can be a daunting process. It shouldn’t be about just dieting and shedding a few pounds—it should be all about good health. The way to lose weight naturally and maintain a sense of well-being is to ask your doctor about what you need to be doing.

Questions to ask your doctor before starting any weight loss plan:

Should I diet in the first place?

Your doctor may use a BMI calculator to determine whether or not you should be dieting in the first place. Some people mistake their scale weight as fat when it could be just muscle weight. Muscle weighs more than fat. Also many times, people may have believed they have to diet when they don’t. This can happen because the person has an idea in their mind that is unrealistic.

Is my overall health good enough to diet?

Dieting takes vital nutrients from your body and if you are in any way not up to snuff health-wise for a diet then you may be hurting your health. Your doctor will give you a physical and determine if you are in the right health.

How will your health improve if you lose weight?

If you are at least 10 pounds overweight, you are already on the way to a bad health situation. You should ask the doctor how your health will improve if you lose weight. It is great incentive to keep it going.

What foods should you avoid?

The doctor may find that you may have a condition that makes you sensitive to certain foods. These are foods you should avoid during dieting.

How much weight can you lose safely and still see a difference?

Some folks are looking to be at the weight they were at 20 and they are now in their 40’s. Not to say that it can’t be achieved, but it can be a health risk. Make sure you ask your doctor how skinny is too skinny.

Sometimes we reach a certain age and realize it is easier to gain weight and harder to lose weight. But our health care provider can be of help and can teach us how to reach a healthy weight and stay there. They can also help you take it off and keep it off indefinitely. That’s why it’s so important to know what to ask your doctor.


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