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Prescription Diet Pill Alternative PhenBlue

prescription diet pill alternative phenbluePrescription diet pill alternative PhenBlue was voted the best non-prescription diet pill of 2013. These are clear blue capsules that are available online without the hassle of having a doctor’s appointment or a prescription, yet they are safe and effective. This is what some refer to as a nutraceutical. It is a more natural way to help your body lose weight safer and easier. It is not exactly herbal so it doesn’t lose its punch–and it replicates all the benefits of the prescription-strength diet pills out there.

Dosage and benefits compared to Phentermine

Just two capsules a day will do the trick for most people. It actually takes your body one level higher in the fat burning process than Phentermine does. Prescription diet pill alternative PhenBlue uses professional pharmacy-grade fat burners to work in harmony with your body systems to take fat away. It will charge your metabolic-rate longer as well but you will never “feel” it happening. This is unlike Phentermine, which has been known to cause rapid heartbeat and a spike in blood pressure. You can be sure you are getting the best from your workouts with PhenBlue because you will not lose muscle mass as with other brands that make you lose it too fast. It will tell your brain safely when your stomach is full so you eat to live and not live to eat. PhenBlue will act as an energy enhancer to make sure you’re working out as you should be.

What lifestyle works best with PhenBlue?

The diet pill alternative PhenBlue works well with any lifestyle but it is best for those that want to be active and are active enough to assist the pill to do the work in a natural harmonious way to burn fat. The changes in appetite it makes to your body should be continued way after you stop taking the pill and start eating normally again. You should maintain the weight you have achieved with PhenBlue with regular exercise and better choices for your nutritional intake. Though chronic dieting is not a healthy lifestyle choice–if you do need PhenBlue again–you can rest assured it is safe and effective to use as you need it for multiple regimens.

Easy metabolism-boosting tips

Keeping a high metabolism is the key during and after any diet. Eat small meals and snack often so your body stays in steady burn. Then walk, raising the heart rate for 20 minutes a day and you are good to go!


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